Thursday, July 16, 2009

Old Friends are Best

Today I had lunch with Kelley, one of my very best friends in junior high and high school. I haven't seen her much in recent years, even though she lives fairly close, but we have reconnected through Facebook and are enjoying renewing our friendship. She just emailed me this picture she found in some box in her basement - it was December, 1976 so I had just turned 15, and she was a few months older than me. Neither of us remember where we were, but our best guess is Southdale since that is where we tended to hang out when we were together. Since it was winter and we were 15, one of our parents must have driven us - in warmer months we used to ride our bikes (something I would not let my kids do today - there are a lot of busy roads and intersections between here and Southdale!!!

I am so grateful for Facebook - it has brought me together with so many people from my past, and provided us with a way to reconnect virtually even if we aren't as geographically close as Kelley & I are. The memories we share are fun to discuss and it's really rewarding to see that we can still connect in a close and meaningful way, even without seeing each other in 20 years, because of that shared past.

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Mama Ava said...

You are great about dragging out old pictures. I have none. They might be in storage somewhere, but I know my kids would get a big kick out of seeing them...

Although I'm one of your "old" friends in the other way and by the time I finish this sentence I'll completely forget about making a note to get those pics next summer.