Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, to Iowa we go ...

We are leaving shortly for Iowa. Off to meet a large number of Brian's relatives. Off to celebrate his mom's 75th birthday (shh, it's a surprise!) Off to visit Mitchellville - a town I had never heard of before February of this year, but now it feels like I could be from there, too.

I assume this is the town logo? This was the first image that came up when I googled for images of Mitchellville.

And apparently they have cows.
What would Iowa be without cows?

And, apparently, there is a giant mushroom somewhere. I will try to find this and get a picture of Brian & me in front of it.

There is (or was?) a Reform School for Girls there in Mitchelville, too. Looks kind of spooky.

Check back later this week for current pictures and stories of our trip!


Dawn said...

Too bad you aren't here for the fair....Apparently we are getting a Michael Jackson in butter this year....Aren't we lucky??

Mama Ava said...

That's not just any mushroom, you know. That's a MOREL, and even mushroom haters like me know about the wonders of the morel. My mother goes out and pokes around for them every year. There's nothing that will stop a foodie in their tracks faster than talking about a morel!

Karen ~ said...

I was told that the MJ butter sculpture was up for a vote and the final decision hasn't been made yet. Yes, that DID come up as dinner conversation!

And yes, I know it's a morel, and we never did find it.

More info coming later, with pictures!