Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Banana Peels

Somewhere within the past year, on one of the blogs I read, there was a debate about the "right" way to eat a banana - which end you "should" start from. Well, I was just directed to this video ... and now I am going to go buy some bananas to try it!

(I know, I know, you can thank me later.)


shawn said...

I can't eat banana's (allergy) but I so want to get a banana and try this out.. you are right... OMG!!!

Jocelyn said...

My first time here, and I can't even try to be scintillating or interesting in this comment.

I merely can say: holy crap. I gotta go open a banana.

Karen ~ said...

I bought some today, Ben tried it, and YES! It's just as easy as the guy in video makes it look!

Barb said...

I had to come back to tell you that you have changed my life. I now only open my bananas from the bottom.