Friday, April 03, 2009


We have to come up with a new meaning for IOWA. Previously it was "Idiots Out Wandering Around." Now, how about "Iowa Offers Weddings for All"

The Iowa Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY voted to legalize gay marriage in their state!

I am so pleased to hear this - for so many reasons. One is that it happened in the midwest, close to home. Two is that it was unanimous. Three is that I believe it's the first of many (or third, if you consider Massachusetts and Connecticut which already accept same sex marriages.)

I'm doing a happy dance here today!


shawn said...

When Pat told me the news.. I thought of you right away!!! And this from my "home" state.. go IOWA!!

Dawn said...

It was pretty exciting and all over the conferences with the families, etc...very sweet and happy for them all..