Monday, April 27, 2009


Just got home from visiting Brian (the new man) in Cleveland. Cleveland - yes, that's what I said. Not one of the places I ever put much thought into at all, nor on my list of preferred destinations when I dreamt of travelling. But he is there, so there I went.
And you know what? Cleveland is a really, really nice place! It's on the shore of Lake Erie - a Great Lake I had not visited before. We went out on a pier to watch the sunset one day - the weather was magnificent! So was the view.
We visited (the exterior of) the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and walked along the lakeshore park in the middle of downtown. It was 88 and sunny (back in Minneapolis it was cold & rainy - HA!) and absolutely beautiful.

I had a great time exploring the neighborhood Brian's sister lives in, trying out Malley's, the local ice cream & chocolate shop (NUM - and in looking up their URL I see they have mail order! Dangerous!), going to the soccer game and baseball game (to see Brian's nephew and brother-in-law, respectively), taking long walks at night to look at stars, and just hanging out with the family.
One night we ate at Bubba's Q, which was fabulous barbeque - kind of out of the way, sports-themed, food to die for!
The whole time I was there we kept saying "Next time, we have to do ....." and when it came time to leave, it was hard on all of us, I think!
Next time will be around Memorial Day weekend - when I go out to bring Brian back home!


Calandria said...

Karen, you look like a million bucks. I'm so glad things have been going SO well!

Mama Ava said...

You look GREAT...sounds like you had a great time. Pictures, real names...things are good, no?!

Dawn said...

You look like a happy camper and with temperatures like that, I can see why you swore off socks for the year....I picked the wrong weekend for MN visiting...It rained and I was happy for my socks.........Brrrr

Barb said...

Oh, I'm so glad for you! Everything seems to really be on a good roll. I've actually been to the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame --it's pretty cool!