Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life is grand

Well, it's sandal season FINALLY and today I got my first pedicure of the year! I took my friend Diane with me - she's a pedicure virgin! - and then we went out for lunch. A wonderful girls-only day. I bravely said I was through with socks for the year, about a month ago on Facebook, but frankly I did wear socks again in the days between then and now -- but now? NOW I am done with socks for the year. (well, not the entire calendar year, but until the snow flies again - except that really, I go sock-less a lot then, too, I just wear warm shoes without socks. Other than my homeknit socks, I really dislike them.)

Anywho. Life is grand these days. The housing deal is moving along nicely, the paperwork is in, the closing approaching, my plans becoming more firm. I have been researching appliances and dreaming about paint colors and carpet style and countertop options. I have met with my contractor, planned the order in which projects will be done, and while I still have a whole list of questions that need to be answered, I feel like I am moving ahead nicely - and it is all just so much fun!

The job front is also developing beautifully, PLAY it Forward is meeting so many of my needs - needs that I didn't even realize I had! I am turning back into an international traveler - which was my persona 30 years ago - which I gave up to be a wife and mom, but didn't realize how much I missed it until now it is coming back to me. It feels FANTASTIC. It feels like the real me is coming back to life after a long, long sleep.

And then there is the relationship portion of life ... tomorrow I leave for a long weekend with the new man in my life, and everything there is moving along so smoothly, and feels so right, and it's both fun and fantastic!

Add to that my general good health, the well-being of my children, and the beautiful weather, and I just keep grinning and saying life is grand!


Barb said...

I'm so happy you sound so happy! Yea for spring and romance and travel!

Jeannie said...

I couldn't be happier for some lottery tickets!!

Peace and Luv,

Dawn said...

Sounds like life is good- Good for you!!!