Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Knitting

I've managed to do a bit more knitting here and there, a few rows at a a time (ok, more than a few rows at some times ... like when I'm watching Survivor or Amazing Race.)

I did another Amazing Shrinking Bag to send to a friend for her birthday. This time I only did the shrinking process once so it ended up being the right size (according to the pattern.)

Then this weekend the Knitting Queen came over to teach me how to make socks.

By my calculations, this is the most expensive sock I have ever owned, and I don't own it's partner yet (well, I guess technically I own it, but there is some assembly required.) I didn't even have to buy the yarn (that was my birthday present! What a nice friend that Queen is) but even if my time was worth minimum wage, this is one high-priced sock.

Luckily I really, really like it.


shawn said...

and like I have said before.. you are going to teach me this when???

very very cute...

Karen ~ said...

Knitting class will commence over the holiday break ... are you in town?