Sunday, December 23, 2007


There is a new commercial on TV these days which should be meaningful and powerful. It's about girls in Africa who can't go to school for a few days each month ... because they lack "protection" - at least that's what I think they call it, though right now as I type it that sounds like birth control, which they probably don't have either but that is a whole-nother issue.

Anyway, the "tagline" of this commercial (which is for Kotex, and touts that when US consumers purchase Kotex produtcts, the company will now donate products to these girls so they don't have to miss school) is "Use your period for good."

Ummm, as opposed to using your period for evil?

Finally -- all these years it's just been a hassle -- but now women can unite. And. use. our. periods. for. good.

I will sleep better tonight.


Calandria said...

haven't seen the commercial, but, well... ok. i'm with you on the "huh?"

shawn said...

I've seen the commercial, and well, I agree.. HUH?? good thing that we can put our periods to good use!