Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tattoo, anyone?

With only two kids, I can probably get by (although I do want another tattoo ... ) but for those of you with more ...

Mum's permanent birthday reminder

A Welsh mum who kept forgetting her five kids' birthdays has had the dates tattooed on her arm.

Vanda Jones, 49, said she now knows exactly when to buy pressies and cards for Alwen, 18, Grace, 16, Rhian, 14, Lowri, 13, and 12-year-old Vernon.

The housewife, from Penygroes, near Caernarfon, said: "Whenever I took my kids to the health clinic, I could never remember their birthdays off the top of my head, so I had their initials and date of birth tattooed on my arms.

"It's much easier because I just have to look at my arm and I don't forget."

She also has the Welsh dragon and the words Wedi'i wneud yn Nghymru ('Made in Wales') across her chest, reports the Daily Post.

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