Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Disney Part 1

Well, we are back from our travels and it was a WONDERFUL, MAGICAL vacation!

I will try to post some good pictures and share some good stories, but it may take me a few days to really get it all down online. There are so many thoughts to share, so many details to mention. I'm not energetic or organized enough right now to write it all.

This first picture is the boys on our first night there. We flew down Tuesday afternoon, and by the time we got checked in at the hotel (Disney's Magic Express is fabulous - we got off the plane in Orlando and didn't have to think about anything until we left our hotel room for dinner. The luggage, the transportation, the directions - everything was taken care of for us. Love it!) it was dinner time so we headed over to Downtown Disney. Of course Ben & Ty made a BEELINE for the Lego store. Here they are with some Lego tourists ... in heaven, as fas as they were concerned. These pictures are all out of order ... oh well! This is Ben at Epcot, playing with the jumping water fountain. One of the best parts of our trip was the total lack of crowds. Here we were on a sunny afternoon, enjoying this fountain area with only about 2 other families near by. It was incredible. The boys had an absolute blast trying to catch or stop or interrupt the streams of jumping water. Here (above) Ben is aiming ... and (below) he was off just a little bit.
He adjusted accordingly, and here (below) was a direct hit!

Both boys were absolutely soaked by the time we were ready to leave that area of the park. If there had been crowds, they never would have been able to get so close, nor run between the "pools" the water streams jumped to and from. They would have had to wait their turn as others caught the water, they would have had to share their time in the direct streams of water, they would have had to jostle their way around parents, strollers, kids, and wheelchairs, and probably would have tired of it in about 2 minutes, instead of loving it for as long as they did. It was delightful!

Then, another day, we saw a close second to the real thing, pictured below ... Made my day, even if it wasn't really Johnny :-) Ty actually got to participate in this mini-show, just outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and he has a "Certificate of Piracy" to prove it.
There, now you have a little taste of our trip ... more will come tomorrow, promise!

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Welcome back! I'm glad you had a great time!