Saturday, August 26, 2006

More (final) Cabin Pictures

We can't end the cabin photo posts without including some of our friends who joined us for the final days. We had a great time on the sand bar walking around, finding clams and shells. Colby enjoyed exploring the sandbar and reeds, too.

All was great - until it was time to leave and the boat wouldn't start! Steve eventually walked back to shore (thankfully we were on the sandbar so this was an option, it would have been a long swim!) and then walked to the cabin, where he got the other boat to come get us. He threw us the waterski rope, and we tried our best to hang on -- it took a couple tries, though, to get the stranded boat deep enough where it could easily be pulled. The boat worked fine the next day (figures) but we got some good laughs and memories out of the experience!

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