Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cabin Fever!

We spent a relaxing week at my in-laws' cabin west of the cities earlier this month. Here are a few photos ... is being hinky again so I have been trying for days to get any photos at all to post. I don't know yet how many it will accept this time, but I'll keep trying!

Down the shoreline a ways from our cabin is a spit of land that becomes a sandbar extending most of the way across the lake. Here's Ty in the middle of the lake!

We had a lot of fun at the sandbar. We would get out of the boat and dig for clams - yes, there really area few and no, we didn't try eating any (or even opening for pearls - I made them put them all back safely and unharmed). Even Colby was brave enough to climb out of the boat into the shallow water!

And here is Ty again, in the same place ... hee,hee, this time he is STANDING! (he thought that was pretty funny!)

The lake is quite large, with a lot of open expance for skiing and innertubing. Every year when we go up we are astounded at the number of cabins that are being replaced by McMansions ... sometimes year-round housing, sometimes "just" very luxurious cabins.

We did a lot of boating and innertubing. Here's Ben about to go on a ride.

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