Monday, July 17, 2006

Suburban Soccer Moms Gone Wild

This past weekend 3 friends and I left husbands and children at home and headed up north to Lake Superior. We were feeling pretty superior, since the weekend was predicted to be the hottest one in 20 years, and *everybody* knows (heh) that the wind off the lake keeps the North Shore comfortably cool.

*Everybody* was wrong this year. We sweated, sweated, and sweated some more. We gushed our appreciation for car air conditioning ... more than once! We stayed at my parents' cabin - beautiful and comfortable.

But H. O. T.

Oh well. At least we didn't have to keep anyone else cool or occupied.

We went to Gooseberry Falls, (temperature: 106) where the water was low but the swimmers were out in full force (none of us had even thought to bring a swimming suit - it's always too COLD to swim up north!) It was beautiful, though, and despite every beverage vending machine in the park being sold out of every type of drink, we were glad we went. The falls were wonderful and the wild flowers in full bloom.

We also went to Flood Bay. My Mom says I should not mention it by name so it doesn't get too popular! It's my boys' favorite place and we stopped by mainly, I thought, so the other moms could check it out to make plans to come back with their own children. Well, much to my surprise, I think it was one of the highlights of the trip for everyone! There is just something magical (or mesmerizing) about sitting on the hot rocks looking for agates and good skipping stones.


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Hey, I know those ladies. I did love looking for agates and burning my toes.

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