Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gardening Begins!

This weekend Ben & I started doing some planting in our new walkway entry area. We started with erosion-control under the bridge, down by Ty's window. Here we are at the end of our second day. The first day we transplanted some hosta and lilies from elsewhere in the yard. Then we bought some Lily of the Valley, and some Russian Sage. Those all were planted today.

Everything but the sage went down below. The sage is up by the bridge, with our Fairy House nestled in close. The Fairy House has been waiting for a proper location. It has a small bell inside which, we are told, will ring each time a fairy comes to visit us or our garden!


shawn said...

OK, now I have to come and see this.. if for nothing else the Fairy House... and maybe to beg off some lily of the valley next year or so...

elephantcom said...

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