Sunday, July 30, 2006

Botany 101

Here at the Peterson house, we've been learning a lot about gardening. Located as we are in the woods, there are often plants and animals that we've never seen before.

It was clear right when we moved in that a lovely oak tree in the back yard was being choked by a vine. We didn't know quite what kind, but a quick Google search identified the vine as the Lightcastia Electronis, var. holidae vulgaris.

Apparently with this type of invasive species, it's best to remove it on hot and humid days. Yesterday, when the temperature reached into the 90s, seemed like a good choice. Steve went up into the tree to get the part of the vine that could not be reached from the ground.

It is very tough -- note that he has to use side cutters to remove it. The vine had reached the point where the tree was growing into it -- there were places where it had to be pulled from the bark.

Then the kids went out to clean up the ravaged vine. No precaution was too great as they carefully placed the remains of the plant in containers to be hauled away.

We are all sleeping better tonight, knowing that our oak tree is safe from the terrors of this wild vine.


shawn said...

WOW a rare vine.. you must have had to look hard to find that in your books.. How long had it been there?? any ideas?? I did sort of wonder if you actually ever lit them... hum.. makes you wonder about some people's kids, hu?? I hope that your kids didn't catch anything getting rid of it...

Calandria said...

you are funny