Sunday, May 28, 2006

We're Gonna Win, Twins!

On Friday, the boys' band played outside the Metrodome before the Twins Game. They mastered "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and the Twins' song, as well as a few other summertime favorites. We took the light rail train downtown so we didn't have to fuss with parking, and they set up outside Gate D to play. We could have gone to the game afterwards, but we instead chose to come home and go to our neighborhood pool party! It was the final concert of the year and really fun to watch.

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Mark and Carla said...

Way to go, Ben and Ty! You're professionals, now! I sure wish we could have been there. Cameron has really missed playing his trumpet. We have finally found a brass teacher and now we're just waiting for the trumpet to arrive...that wretched shipping container, you know!

Ben, you will need to do serious lip exercises if you play trumpet--Cameron's lip would be numb after about 15 minutes.

And Ty, you have inspired Noah, who is wanting to take drum lessons next year. Thanks a lot! :-)