Monday, May 22, 2006

A Reading Challenge

A friend of mine, Calandria, is an English major, preferring British authors above most others. She & I recently read the same book and had totally opposite reactions to the book. I liked it, she didn't. In the discussion that followed, I ended up promising to read a book she loves to see if we continue to have opposing viewpoints.

So tonight I will start Jane Austen's Persuasion. I have never read an Austen novel (I don't think) though I have read The Jane Austen Book Club - or some such title, about a book club which only read Austen. Does that count for anything? I have wanted to and planned to read Austen for many years, it's actually kind of odd for me to realize I never have. So I am looking forward to it, and to discussing it with Calandria.

1 comment:

Calandria said...

I love Persuasion! I can't imagine someone disliking it, but I suppose it could happen...:-) Maybe you should expect to hate it so you'll have a pleasant surprise.