Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prop 8

I am confused. In California marriage is CLEARLY only between one man and one woman. The people say so. The Supreme Court agrees.

EXCEPT for those 18,000 couples ... 36,000 individuals ... who got married last year. Whoops. We will accept THEIR marriages as OK and legal and acceptable.


Either it is or it isn't. You can't say it isn't except for a group who lucked out based on the calendar. If California says same-sex marriage is a no-no, let's nullify those 18,000 marriages.

Or, here's an idea ... If those 36,000 people are allowed to stay married, and the world as we know it doesn't end, let's say any two adults can marry.

Our world is a crazy place. I love that Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont and Connecticut are doing the right thing. I know that other states will follow, it's just a question of how long it all gets dragged out. In the meantime I will just stay confused, I guess. Confused is better than furious.

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