Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life's (not always) a Beach!

I haven't been posting lately because I have been going through a bit of a rough patch since returning from Mexico. Suddenly all that I am trying to accomplish this year seems to be overwhelming me, and I have been feeling out of control (which is bad for my normal way of dealing with life) and as if too many things will never be settled.

Professionally, I have come to the conclusion that the freelance work was great for the 2+ years I did it, but now I am longing for a job where I show up, do my work, go home, and every two weeks (or once a month) they send me money. I don't have to go find clients, I don't have to submit proposals, I don't have to send invoices, I don't have to be thinking 24/7 "I should be working." So I have been looking at nursing jobs, and have applied for a couple, and we'll see how my re-entry into that field goes.

On the home front, I have decided I am never buying another house until I am rich enough to pay cash. The hoops I am being asked to jump through for this house I am buying - between the seller and the mortgage company - are seemingly never-ending, and I am so worn down by the continual requests for more documentation, more scans and statements, just more, more, more. Then there's the flip side of moving -- selling the townhouse. Still not even one offer. At this point I would consider almost ANY offer. Just please let me get one! There has been so little traffic - in about 11 weeks of being on the market, I think about 7 prospects have walked through and viewed the property. So I guess it's good that it's not that a lot of people are seeing it and rejecting it, and everyone tells me the price is fair and good. It's just so hard to wait. And if it doesn't sell, I am in trouble.

So ... all that has kept me from feeling like posting, but hopefully things will start to pick up and my mood will improve (I am having a beer as I type this and that is helping!)

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Mama Ava said...

Well, at least the ideas of steady paychecks and paying cash for houses are compatible. When you get one of the former that lets you do the latter, let me know.

Keep your chin up...good things are on your plate and more good things are coming--in a week or so, right? :-)