Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wheeeee!!!! Wii!!!!!

Well, we just acted on impulse ...
This morning in the paper - front page of the source section, which we all know is where the BEST news is - was an article about the new Wii FIT "game" which is basically Wii's attempts to get overweight, under-fit moms in to the game.

It worked.
The boys informed me you still can't get a Wii easily, so we looked on eBay, and found one that was only $50 above retail, with the auction ending in 30 seconds ... we bid, we won! That $50 saved us getting up at the crack of dawn on days Wal-Mart gets new shipments and hoping that we would be close enough to the front of the line to get the machine. Worth it to me.

So in a few days we will get our Wii, and I hope we do'nt have to wait in line to get the game, and then - well, THEN, baby, we will ALL be getting so fit you may not even recognize us.

(Oh, and I cancelled my gym membership ... I've been paying monthly since December to not go there ... in just a few months I will have made back the Wii purchase.)


shawn said...

We have the Wii.. Pat and Hannah play.. I don't.. yeah, I know that it is suppose to be a great workout.. even without the Wiifit.. but I still just don't do well with viedo games.. good luck and yeah!!
and it's great that you had your "15 minutes"... I still say you look GREAT!!!

Mama Ava said...

We LOVE wii. Our kids go nuts everytime they can get their hands on our friend's set. It's honestly the only video game system I'd ever consider purchasing, but we all have so much fun when we play!

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