Monday, May 19, 2008

The Makeover!

Today's the day! It's here!


Mama Ava said...

Wow and WoW and WOW! You do look a bit (understandably) nervous in the before shot, but what a great cut and colour on you! Definitely worth the maintenance. You look great!

And I always thought you looked pretty good before, too, so there!

sskaare said...

Love the new cut and color, Karen !!!! And happy to hear it is easy to get it to look like that every morning :)

I have several girlfriends that get their hair done at Christopher's salon. They love Trish. Did you happen to meet a Trish?

Karen ~ said...

Audrey colored my hair, Christopher cut it, and Kami did the make-up (and eyebrows.) So, no Trish! One of the things I noted about the salon that I really was suprised by, and liked, was that the majority of clients I saw there that day were middle-aged women. It wasn't full of young women trying to be really hot (or whatever the appropriate jargon is these days!) It was not at all uncomfortable being there.

Dawn said...

I love the short hair and the color!! It's wonderful!! Hope you are very happy!! :)

shawn said...

WOW OH WOW OH WOW!! I LOVE IT!!! YOU LOOK GREAT!!! I had to do a double take.. I mean wow!! YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT!!! I can't wait to see it in person!!!
And I agree with Carla.. you did look pretty great before too!!

Calandria said...

Look what I miss when I take a few days off from blogs!

You look radiant! The cut and color are very flattering. Is it very hard to maintain?

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