Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's about health ...

OK, this year I didn't consciously make any resolutions, but I am announcing here and now - so you are all responsible for keeping me accountable - that I AM going to get into better shape in 2008. That almost rhymes ... shape-eight. Humor me.

Lately I have noticed how hard I breathe after minimal exertion, and sometimes when I lay in bed at night I feel my heart beating faster than I would like it to. I am tired too often, and not able to accomplish as much as I would like to in a day. Or a week. My hours are still pretty good though.

Everyday there are new headlines about what is good for you and what is not good for you, what will promote longevity and what will rush you to an early grave - obviously every one of those "discoveries" needs to be taken with a grain of salt (except those about blood pressure, no salt needed there), but the bottom line is ... yeah, we all know it, eat less and move more.

It's not about losing weight (not that I would mind that!) It's about my grandchildren, and being around to play with them.

So, today, January 20 - which is, by the way, my Mom's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - is the beginning of my attempt to become healthier. Wish me well, and ask me frequently how it's going so that I know I have to answer to you as well as myself.



Mama Ava said...

Go for it! I'm glad someone is taking their health seriously. You're farther ahead than I've actually committed something to print! :-)

Calandria said...

I do wish you well! You deserve to be healthy for you, not just for your grandkids. :-)