Monday, January 07, 2008

Barack and Hilary

This morning on the radio I was listening and the discussion was on Hilary's question of "where's the beef?" which she apparently queried regarding Barack's campaigning.

The announcer put forward a theory that at first I snorted at but then as he explained himself, I found myself wondering and agreeing it could be.

Hilary has always championed herself as a fighter for the people, but she also always chose a career and life path which put her in law firms and political situations. Barack never presents himself as a people's hero, yet his career path has been in grass-roots nonprofits and working to make changes for everyday folks.

So does Hilary look at his background and think to herself "that's what I wanted to do but couldn't (or didn't)?" And does she regret any of her choices which have now led her to a place where she has to publicly question someone who acted on what she claims to represent herself?

Somehow I don't think I am presenting this as clearly as the radio announcer did.

Is she on the offense, questioning him precisely because he has walked the walk while she has only talked the talk?


Calandria said...

I get what you mean. :-) And it's an interesting question.

I think Hillary is showing some of her true colors now, like when she cried and said this is not just political for her, "It's personal." She created this competent public persona but what lies underneath is "I REALLY REALLY want to be president of the United States."

Sorry. I removed my little political rants from my own blog and now I've come over to flap my mouth on yours.

Karen ~ said...

Flap away :-)

I agree, her underlying motivation is a combination of wanting to do good for the country, I do believe that, but also a BIG dose of "I really really want my turn now" which just keeps coming through and turning people away from her.

I'd love to have a female president but I don't think Hillary is the one this time 'round.

shawn said...

I heard this morning, (Wed) that she was showing more of her "personal" side, and that is why she won in NH and that is what the people want to see.
I agree with you both that she "really" wants to be president.. but... 1st are we ready for a female president, and on that tune 2 are we ready for a "black" president?? I am not saying that all people, just the US in general??...
something else to think about...

Mama Ava said...

I think that every person who wants to be president wants it personally. I do believe that they believe that they can make a difference and serve the country, but there's no way they don't imagine themselves in the position with the power and the history and want that for just what it is. They talk about decisions and images for their legacy and how presidents, esp. 2 term presidents, focus on that the last couple years of their terms often. They ALL really really really want to be president.

Karen ~ said...

If anyone out there who knows me was truly wise (and crafty) they would know to run to Las Vegas every time I say someone is going to win or going to lose - because inevitably whatever I predict, the opposite happens. I can't take advantage of this myself, nor can I be aware of anyone else doing it, as then I would psych myself out and try to second guess my instincts. But honestly as soon as I say someone is not going to popular, she wins a primary.

It happens ALL the time on the reality shows I watch.

Someone ought to be getting rich off this.

Calandria said...

I was very surprised by the Hillary win in NH.