Saturday, June 03, 2006

What do YOU need?

In reading randomly online, I came across a "blog challenge" ... now, that's a new phrase for me, maybe you have heard it before ... anyway. This one challenged you to google your name and the word 'needs' and then list the top ten returns you get.

So I dutifully googled "karen needs" and here's my list, in the order Google presented them to me (Ok, I admit I did skip a few which just seemed too odd):

Karen needs to grow up!
Karen needs to be well-hydrated
Karen needs a new job
Karen needs prayers
Karen needs a man
Karen needs a room to rent
Karen needs a Jack
Karen is definitely in need of a friend
Karen needs money to buy roller skates
Karen needs to do some thinking here

So -- what do YOU need? Google and find out and share the best!


Mark and Carla said...

This is TOO funny! I'm using it on my blog after I post something relevant.

Carla needs 1300 milligrams a day
Carla needs to pee
Carla needs all the help she can get
Carla needs bread to feed her animals
Carla needs your support
Carla needs courage to face becoming a parent
Carla needs more home care
Carla needs new friends
Carla needs to use more honey and less vinegar

some of these are actually spot on!

Mark and Carla said...

Cameron needs some help
Cameron no longer needs help
Cameron needs to sell the merits of capitalism
Cameron needs to get off his arse
Cameron needs facial surgery
Cameron needs a Battle Angel
Cameron needs the room to fail...
Cameron needs to be allowed to use dredge materials

btw--the guy that's going to run for Britain's PM job is David Cameron so I suppose some of these are hits on him

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