Thursday, June 29, 2006

Walkway Work Begins!

This week marked the beginning of work on our new front entry walkway. We are so excited! We started out with Ben removing the old plywood ramp on Monday evening. He was quite proud of himself for managing it so well (and kept telling me he really didn't need any help.)

On Tuesday, a crew of 4 worked all day, getting the foundation dug and laid for the retaining wall which will keep the new walkway and stone step from sliding down the hill to land outside of Ty's bedroom window.

Wednesday they finished the wall, and started prepping the walkway area. Thursday, work began on the walkway itself.

Yesterday Ty took a chair out on the bridge to chat with the workers. He learned all kinds of things, including that one of the workers speaks Spanish, so they tried communicating en espaƱol!

They will be finishing up the walkway tomorrow, and then bringing in rock for under the bridge, and grading the dirt around the walkway so that I can start playing "gardener" and do some planting. More pictures coming soon!


shawn said...

I can't wait to actually see this in person.. It really looks wonderful!! And "Way to Go Ben" on the removal process!!!

Mark and Carla said...

Well, I'll be waiting quite a while to see this in person--but then I'll really be able to enjoy all of Karen's gardening efforts! Great job, Ben!

Tattoo, anyone?

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