Thursday, August 06, 2009

Working again ...

Thank you all for your patience with me whenever I snap at you "DON'T ASK ME IF I HAVE A JOB YET."

I still don't have a job. But I am working today (well, would be if I was not here blogging. I am actually going to go away from my house to work for a while because self-discipline is not my strong suit.) (As evidenced by the blogging that I have convinced myself is necessary because I promised so many of you I would keep you up-to-date on the employment front, a promise I made to soften the rudeness of my snapping at you last time you asked.)

I contacted a former client, one I have worked for in the past but not for the past several months, asking (begging, really, if you need the whole truth - I need some income that badly) if there might be a project for me to work on. She said yes! So today I am working on a smallish writing project, maybe 10 hours total or a little less, and I just got an email from her saying she has a lot more work if I am interested as she gears up for the fall busy season (she caters to the educational world.)


So I am still sending out resumes and still being rejected regularly, but at least I will be generating a little income, and using my mind for something other than Sudoku and Scramble and blogging.

Thanks for caring :-)


Mama Ava said...

FYI, readers...her snapping loses a lot of "oomph" if you ask her via chat or email.

I'm just sayin'.


shawn said...

I am glad that you have at least something for a short time..
and FYI... I don't ask her while we meet in person!!!

Barb said...

Oh, the stress of money pressure. Dude, snap away. Congratulations on the piece work --you never know when it could lead to a whole new career.

Barb said...

Oh, and EVERYONE leverages former clients for current work. It's not begging --it's called NETWORKING.

LHBinshi said...

Ah, a little income is a beautiful thing.