Friday, August 14, 2009


My son just created a Facebook account. He is 14. Right now he & I are FB Friends. But should we be?

Should I be seeing all he posts, and (perhaps more importantly), should he be seeing all I post?

What do you do - parents with teens with FB accounts? Looking for guidance here ...

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Mama Ava said...

Cameron has an account that he's very busy on. He does not want to friend us, but I know his email and password (but he doesn't know that I know). Once in awhile I go on to check the content. Mostly boring drivel, so that's good.

We talked to him and said that he would have to let us check it anytime we asked...and that he was responsible for the content, even the content that others put up, really. It was his responsibility to behave online the way we know he behaves offline.

A LOT of (most?) of my friends who have teens are FB friends with them. We are pretty tight with Cam's activities and where he goes and we're pretty comfortable at this point with the way things are.