Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Updates ...

Thought I would share a few updates, even though I don't really have any news. I am just proceeding on the assumption that you all care, regardless, and would like to know what's going on. If that's not the case, just skip over this entry :-)

ISSUE #1: Housing -- nothing to tell. No offers on my townhouse, and I am holding off looking at other houses to buy until this one is sold (or until I get a real job, see below). I do still look online occasionally at what's out there, but I am done playing games (even though I never entered the world of real estate with the intent of playing games, seems that's what the sellers and mortgage bankers I have met are wanting to do. Pooh on them.) (Except for the folks at Rescue Mortgage. THEY ROCK!!!)

ISSUE #2: Job -- I am applying for nursing jobs, had a great interview last week and then went back for a second interview as one of two finalists, but ultimately they chose the other person. Boo. But I am back to searching and sending out resumes, and with advice from some friends as to where to find a variety of job postings, am feeling pretty hopeful that something will pop soon. Which is good, as I am pretty broke. Once I have a job it will be easier to buy a house, too (imagine that?!) so I can start pursuing that first issue again.

Otherwise ... not much to report on. Kids are done with school today, YAY, personal life continues to develop nicely, YAY, dogs are fine and fun, YAY.

Weather sucks. BOO.


Calandria said...

I am always interested in your updates. Thank you for keeping us posted! (I'm especially glad to hear the YAYs. :-))

shawn said...

weather doesn't suck.. we need the rain.. it only sucked that it was on the last day of school for the kids.. and the 8th graders had the Husky Hoopla...
the whole job thing does suck..
the house thing too..
and like Calandria.. I care.. and am interested!!!
YAY on the whole relationship thingy though!!!

Dawn said...

I'm guessing you guys have been having a lot or rain....Ours has been pretty light and hit or miss..:)