Monday, August 23, 2010

A look back

One year ago, I was just back from the Iowa State Fair. I was just a week or two past the decision (accepting the reality, really, more than deciding) that I was not going to be selling the townhouse and moving into a house-house. And I was musing about whether or not I should be my son's Facebook friend.

Two years ago, I was celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. I had just discovered "Where in the world is Matt" (or something like that) and I had cried when Michael Phelps won his last gold medal.

Three years ago, the boys & I had recently returned from our Chicago getaway where we explored museums and parks and all agreed it was an amazing place to spend a vacation. And four years ago this month I was hosting a lot of friends at the Peterson family cabin ... back when I was legally a part of that branch of the family - no clue that that would be my last summer as a Peterson wife.

Today, I am making spaghetti (my sons' favorite dinner), thinking about getting State Fair tickets, hoping for full-time employment, still wishing we could have moved to a house-house, congratulating my parents on 52 years of marriage, and feeling ambivalent about whether or not I should keep blogging.

But without this blog, I wouldn't be able to so easily review my past. And that's worth something.

I guess.


Karen ~ said...

And for the record, the Matt video still makes me cry. So much joy, shared by so many people of so many different countries, languages, cultures, colors - all dancing together regardless.

Love it.

Lucy said...

You're right, it is worth it.

shawn said...

OMG... reading this is a history for me as well.. I shared in a lot of those memories with you!! What would you have done different if you knew then what you know today??
I agree.. the Matt video is one of the best...
I hope to be with you in many more to come too!!!