Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tattoo Alert

I love my tattoo. I got it on my birthday, 8 years ago. I had wanted one for years and years, but could never decide what image to put permanently onto my skin. Before the artist was even done with my first one, I was planning my second - I hear that is very common. But 8 years have passed and I still don't know what image to use for this next one.

But now I may be making that decision - soon. Brian's sister is coming to town in a week and she wants to get one (her first) and she wants me to go with her, and get one too. Being as I've been there - done that, and all.

And I am excited at the prospect.

Current ideas on the short list:

1. Something to reflect my Norwegian heritage - a rosemaling image, most likely

2. A friendly dragon - like Sapphira if you've read Eragon. A loyal protector who is very, VERY cool-looking.

3. A Chinese symbol for some meaningful word or phrase. I'm hesitant on this one because it seems kind of cliched (clicheed? How DO you spell that, it looks wrong no matter what.) Looks too much like a cliche (better?) BUT I do like the simplicity.

4. Something very cool.

And yes, #4 is a wee bit vague. Thus my problem.

In the past when I have been close to acting on this, Carla has spent a lot of time scouting ideas for me online, but she is on vacation and won't have time to help me out, so perhaps one of my other 4 readers has an idea?


Mama Ava said...

I think you should do the rosemaling thing. You are sooo Norwegian and it's the kind of thing that represents who you are...those who are also Norwegian would immediately recognize it and appreciate it...those that aren't would get a bit of Norwegian info when they ask.

The Chinese I think you have to sum yourself up in 1 word (hard to do (IMO) and then get that character. But is there a connection to you with Chinese characters?

Good luck!

lisajoan said...

I'm in complete agreement with Mama Ava...gotta go Norske~ Maybe you can find a dragon in rosmaling? :-) If I weren't so rusty, I'd try to help with that one! Can't wait to see whatever you choose!!

shawn said...

sooo... did you get one?????

Anonymous said...

If you would ask me a small print would be hot. I love to have a rosary wrapping around my arm. they are cute in dresses.

I hope I could put some photos here :(

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