Monday, November 26, 2007

Mitting Knittens!

This weekend I took a mitten-knitting class ... or, as I keep saying, a knitten-mitting class. I took the class with my friend The Knitting Queen, and I was feeling quite proud of myself last night. In the actual class, I finished the first of my pair of mittens. Yesterday, I made the second one, and started a new pair, getting mitten #1 about 1/3 done. Man, was I feeling accomplished!

Then I got an email from The Queen, saying in that same amount of time she had made 53 pairs of mittens in 16 different sizes, while standing on one foot, and with one eye shut. But that's why she is The Knitting Queen and I am but a lowly novice.

Anyway, I like mine and will keep making more - albeit slowly - and will post the results!

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